12 July 2023

As we mark the closure of Crouch End Fitness on the 30th June 2023, we wanted to share some of the incredible stories that we have received from our members, over the last few months. Stories of how the centre has impacted their lives and helped them to live better. These stories have been humbling to read and bear witness to the amazing work that has happened through the centre over many years.

We have quote them anonymously as follows:

 A testament to the team

 ‘I have always found your gym such a friendly place, with very friendly staff.  This is, I believe, in part due to the fact that you aim to be part of the community and are there to serve the more disadvantaged.


 Atmosphere like none other

 ‘I love the classes at the YMCA and the atmosphere. I don’t think any other fitness centre offers the same friendliness. The staff and instructors are fantastic.’


Long standing members fond memories

 ‘I would like to thank everyone in the YMCA for having me. It has been 10 great years and I have nothing but fond memories of this place.’


Making a difference to mind and body!

 Thank you for many years of joy not to mention a toned body from all the dances and Pilate class! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Warm and welcoming

‘Thank you, YMCA, for being so warm and welcoming, I’ve had the BEST experiences and BEST workouts..Lovely lovely people. All the best for the future.’


A team like no other

‘Amazing Amazing, what a team you are all. Got to know many of you after many years. Especially you Michelle & Marylyn. Peter-Always so calm, Adam, Alan, Caitlin, Sara and Paulina, thank you and the wider team for your calmness, especially over the last few months. This is not a goodbye, but see you soon.’


Enjoyable experience

‘Have really enjoyed the time I have spent at the gym. Many thanks to the super friendly team. Thanks again.’


A thank you..

‘Thank you for everything and goodluck for the future’


Meeting the needs of our community

I have really enjoyed my time at the gym. It has been a blessing and a sweet safe space. And the gym has more than met all my needs. All the best,


Thank you again..

 ‘I feel compelled to send this to send support and appreciation to all the staff members that work at the YMCA. I thank them for all they have done.’


As you can imagine this has been an extremely emotional time and we want to thank all of our members for your hopes and your passion for the centre, for sharing your ideas and for trying so hard to save the day.


As YMCA’s offering through Crouch End Fitness closes, we are very hopeful that a new offering, by local fitness experts will create a better and brighter future for this space and for the community at large. We look forward to welcoming that day.


As a YMCA, we remain firmly committed through this site in Crouch End to the wellbeing of young people who continue to face homelessness today. We very much look forward to our paths aligning again in the months and years ahead.


To close, from another long-standing member..

To All, thank you all kindly for 25 years..much love..