Last year we provided accommodation to over 600 young people who experienced homelessness. Nearly half of them slept rough the night before arriving, either on a park bench or a friend’s sofa. A quarter have been thrown out of their family home and have experienced trauma at too young an age.

One third of our young people are meaningfully engaged in education, employment or training and the rest are on a journey to that goal. 87% of those who left us made a positive move on, having had time to pull their lives back together and create their own future.

Our rooms are used 98% of the time. That means that every room is occupied for at least 357 days every year. Our impact is far greater than just our accommodation. Transitioning a young person from homelessness to independence has a great impact. It impacts their families and friends as well as unemployment, crime, health and welfare within society as a whole.

Our team supports over 500 young people where ever they are, through our youth interventions in schools, housing estates and in our youth hubs. We work with a range of partners to provide an intelligent, coordinated approach, helping young people to thrive. Our programme of events improves the health and well being of thousands of people in the communities that we call home.