LandAid House, our new flagship building for young people experiencing homelessness, opened in May 2021. It is the first purpose built accommodation to open in London for over a decade and offers 118 ensuite bedrooms in flats for six people, four one- and 12 two-bed flats and 16 fully-accessible rooms.

The building provides a safe space for 146 young people to transition from a life on a street or a friend’s sofa to independence.

Over 10,000 young people will benefit over its 60-year lifespan.


Sustainable Travel at LandAid House

If you are visiting LandAid House, or if you live or work here, we want to ask you to help us. We want to reduce the use of cars in the streets around us by choosing to walk more, to get a bike or to use a bus or train.

We have filled this pack with information to help you make decisions that are good for your health and good for our shared environment.