Manuel J Waldner is our resident Massage Therapist at the YMCA. He has been practising a combination of Sports/Deep Tissue and Holistic massage for the last eight years.

Crouch End Fitness Centre members receive £10 off the first treatment for a full body 1-hour massage tailored to your needs. A further £5 discount is available with the first full price treatment if you join the mailing list

Whether you suffer from ongoing aches and pains, a sports injury that needs routine treatment or would just like to treat yourself to a relaxing massage, Manuel can provide consultation and therapy according to your needs.

Holistic massage works well for relaxation and helps with problems like blood pressure, insomnia and depression.

Sports, deep tissue and remedial massage use touch and palpitation to locate areas of stiffness, pain or tension. Various techniques involving pressure, friction or stretching are implemented to promote better circulation, muscle release and the stretching and realigning of muscle fibres. Regular treatments are recommended to treat long-standing ailments.

Manuel is also a Corrective Exercise and Post Injury and Rehab specialist offering unique approach to regaining painless movement.

Deep muscle massage and core muscle strengthening through planned and tailored exercise has resulted in a remarkable improvement to my chronic lower back pain, posture and weak painful muscles, which I have had for several years. I’m so grateful for Manuel’s guidance and for his help in putting me on the road to recovery.


I’m a veteran of many sports massages over the last 20 years, and I just had one of the best from Manuel. Really excellent technique, he finds problem areas and works them while also giving an all-around relaxing experience.


For more information please email

Book at reception, tel 020 8340 6088, or call Manuel on 0797 987 0525.