How to achieve balance in diet and lifestyle.

I am often asked what is the best thing about running your own bakery. Is it the pride you can take in the skills and passion of your team? Perhaps its knowing that hundreds of customers enjoy your products each week? Or perhaps it is the endless supply of cakes, lunches and treats that you can enjoy yourself!

Needless to say, working in an environment with a wide selection of freshly-made delicacies does of course mean that temptation runs high among the whole team at Dunn’s. And, just as needless to say, this is temptation that one must absolutely give in to… after all how can you sell something unless you wholeheartedly believe in it! There is a balance to be struck, however. With two out of my three meals a day coming from the bakery here in Crouch End, I need to ensure I’m changing what it is I’m enjoying in order to manage a balanced diet. Of course, I do have my favourites but I try not to get s stuck in a rut. Luckily we offer salads as well as the baked goods so I can work on my five a day.

Another question I’m asked when I meet people and they realise I run a bakery, is “how do you manage not to put on loads of weight?” It’s always a great ice breaker, and the answer is in two words, balance and exercise. For exercise, I love cycling, and I enjoy running. Even just a half an hour blast of an evening clears your mind, reduces stress and burns calories. The same applies for me for a longer weekend ride: getting out is either a great time with friends, or a time for reflection. And, of course, enough hills to make sure that my heart rate climbs.

So, as a baker, how do I achieve balance with the way I eat? In my mind, it is about being aware of what you’re eating, and not depriving yourself of the things that bring you joy. Especially in these challenging times we need to both nourish and sooth ourselves, and by being more mindful we naturally optimise our physical and mental health.