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Gymnastics Badges FAQ

What are badges?

Gymnastics badges are a syllabus to show progression . Gymnasts will learn the skills in their sessions and then we hold two badge testing days each term to mark off.


What level will my child start on?

We will assess children and put them on the most appropriate level.

Reception- year 1 children will start from level 1

Year 2- Year 3 children will start from level 2

Year 3 + children will start on a level 3


My child has gymnastics experience and I think the level they are on is too low.

When a gymnast joins us from another club we will do a brief assessment and place them on a badge level we believe is correct. This doesn’t mean they can’t be assessed on higher level skills. A gymnast can be on a badge 3 but be able to perform some skills on a higher level. We want them to show that they can complete a full level rather than random skill here and there.


How does my child pass a badge?

There are between 12-15 skills on each badge working on 4 pieces of equipment. Gymnasts must show a good understanding of the skill and perform it confidently when being watched by a coach.

Coaches will then sign off the skill and gymnasts will work toward the next skill. When all skills have been achieved they will pass the badge.


Will my child pass a badge every term?

Not necessarily . The badges progress with difficulty and to complete the badges to the correct standards may take time. Each gymnast will progress at a different speed, some quicker than others.


What happens when my child passes a badge?

After the term has finished you will receive an email if your child has passed on this occasion. Certificates will be created and available to collect from reception after the next term starts.


How many levels are there?

Level 1-8 are for recreational gymnasts after level 8 there are 3 advanced levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.


How can I find out my child’s progress?

If you have any questions please email head coach and you will receive an update. Replies can take time especially during the busiest times of school holidays.