We are offering a free trial class (subject to availability) for children and adults to experience something new

We have a variety of classes including Gymnastics, Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Contemporary Dance.

This free trial is to be used to try out new disciplines for the first time and not for existing participants.

Upcoming Taster Session – JoSo’s Group Baby Massage Classes

Tuesday 14th and Thursday 15th June 2022 12:00pm-1:15pm

This wonderful easy bonding experience for parent and baby alike promotes direct benefits of a healthy touch. Expert-guided touch conveys nurturing and love, essential ingredients for emotional and physical growth and well being.

Your loving touch relaxes your baby, reducing tension and irritability which leads to calm and improved sleep. Aiding digestion provides relief of wind, constipation and colic.

To find out more about Jo’s background and experience click here.


Upcoming Taster Session – Street Dance

Tuesday 21st June and Friday 24th June (can only attend one session for free) 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

Haley from Dancers of Excellence will be teaching children ages 6 – 11 street dance in these upcoming free taster sessions at our Harringay Club on these dates above.


The following classes are not included in the free trial as they are graded/invite only.

  • Ballet Grade 2+
  • Modern Dance Grade 2 +
  • Tap Dance Grade 2 +
  • Squad Gymnastics Level 1-6