6 April 2020

As most of you are aware, YMCA North London is on the front line every day dealing with the issues of the most vulnerable young people in our community in our hostel for homelessness.

We are facing challenges during this shutdown period and wish to ask for your help.

  • We provide shelter and support for up to 154 young people and they are following social distancing rules in small rooms with precious few possessions and no visitors.
    Our usual programme for education, training and employment has come to a stop.
    Our support workers are making heroic efforts to continue though the team is impacted both by these challenges and the need to self-isolate.

While many people will not be in a position to consider it during this difficult time, please help by making a donation, however small, if you feel you are able to do so.


We wish to buy protective equipment, extra food and things to occupy our residents who may have little.

If you have items you’d like to donate: TV & radios, game consoles, outdoor games, tables and chairs, gardening supplies, arts and crafts materials, books and games, please contact lucy.brotherston@ymcanorthlondon.org.uk.